The decision to start an acquisition process has to be the result of careful strategic planning. In order to achieve the objectives set in an acquisition, it is essential that the search scope, size and technical characteristics of the target companies are well detailed. Invistia provides all necessary support to our clients in order to plan and execute this important step of our client’s history with excellence.

Our Buy Side Mandates are designed in order to conduct acquisitions which are highly aligned with the expectations of our customers. Our work dynamism ensures frequent feedback and interaction, always granting quality and extreme confidentiality


Our structured approach provides all the necessary modeling so that all the critical points needed for a successful transaction are met at the right time. Sales conducts of companies carried out without proper preparations lead to situations of loss of time, rework, stress, frustrations and transactions that do not reach the best commercial terms possible.

Invistia advises the process from start to finish so that the client has the necessary support in this vital moment of the Company. Our Corporate Sales Mandates are designed to exalt the best qualities and competitive advantages of our clients. Our work dynamism ensures frequent feedback and interaction, always executed with care and extreme confidentiality.


Our Merger Mandates are designed to promote agreements that will benefit both parties involved not only at the time of signing the contract but, more importantly, in the long-term. Such results are only possible through our relentless exploration of strategic possibilities and intense negotiations, which stress possible scenarios and future options at a detailed level.